• Not so beautiful •

not a person you’ll like when you meet

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[ I N F I N I T U D E ]

Fadhfadata parinda qaid hoon mai paankh toh hai par manzil ka thikana nahi aur jab manzilo ke thikane ki talab ho tabh rooh ko azmaane ki taqat nahi hoti Tick tock ! 10 seconds Tick tock ! 24 hours clocking my watch, the hands of the clock moving at the speed of light. It all […]

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Ah !! The cramps and the boredom traveling killing a divine day now the world has been put to stop and just like that a worker sweating his every flesh of the body now it’s time to rejuvenate the flesh and bones, a quite chilly and exhausting weather stealing the sleep from the bags of […]

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